Heya, for those who are wondering why there are hardly any bunnycartoons lately, I’m very busy with a music project called “Dead Kittens”. More on that later! This weekend Vera will be on the Maybachufer market on Saturday and on the Mauerpark on Sunday. I will be here: https://www.facebook.com/events/775331509239256/
Of course the webshop also is up and running! www.dirksbigbunnies.com/shop
Cheers, have a good weekend!


For those who wanted to come to a market, they are all canceled due to the heavy wind in Berlin (our little boots collapsed on yesterdays market). But we’ll have open shop instead from 13:30 tot 18:30 in the Emserstrasse 118, 12051 in Berlin.

UPDATE: we are going to the Maybachufer anyway. There is an unofficial market going on.


It’s weekend so we will be on markets again. Saturday I’ll be on the Maybachufer market and Sunday on the Mauerpark market while Vera will be here: https://www.facebook.com/events/568438613296847/

If you wanna get a book or something but you’re not in Berlin go here: www.dirksbigbunnies.com/shop

However Chrome users could experience some difficulties with the site. I’m working getting it back on its feet!


Tomorrow me and Vera will be flying to London with a suitcase full of books to go here: http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/

If you’re there, please come by!
We also have a webshop if you would like to have some books or prints or something: www.dirksbigbunnies.com/shop



hullo, this weekend I’ll be here: https://www.facebook.com/events/334344023385914/
Vera will be here:

If you’re not there where we are and you still wanna get our stuff go here: www.dirksbigbunnies.com/shop


Hullo! It’s weekend again so we will be at markets again. So, Saturday Vera will be at the Maybachufer market called the Neukoellner Stoff. On Sunday she’ll be at this years first Nowkoelln Flowmarkt also at the Maybachufer. On Sunday I’ll be at Mauerpark. Come by and say hi, if you’re not in Berlin and you still wanna get some stuff from us go here: www.dirksbigbunnies.com/shop Cheers!! Dirkfff1