I EAT PEOPLE!!!! I eat people!

I don’t really eat people. It was just to get your attention.

I mean, I need to get your attention somehow. Now I got your attention I have the following to say:


Haha….no…of course not. Of course I don’t eat people. I will never eat people.

Well…..maybe….would you eat people? If you had the change? And you are very hungry. And there would be ketchup. That rugbyteam that crashed in the mountains ate their own people. And when I was young I had a hamster who got babies and my parents warned me not to come to close otherwise she would eat her young. Is that true? Do hamster-parents eat their own young? What a fucked up world. Anyways….weekend once more so markets once more. Vera will be at the Bergmannstrasse market on Saturday and Sunday she’ll be at the Prinzessinnengarten market. Really nice place near Moritzplatz. I will be at the Maybachufer market on Saturday while on Sunday I’ll be at the Bergmannstrasse. The city is Berlin. So if you’re here, come by and say hi!
Cheers, Dirk

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